1A – Environmental Regulation & Compliance 2022

Practical Case Studies and What You Need to Know

April 26 – Course Agenda

Course Description

A practical, updated case study-based session on current and future trends in environmental regulation in Ontario and Canada, chaired by Len Griffiths and Sarah Gilbert of Bennett Jones LLP’s Environmental, Health & Safety Law Group.

For more than 24 years, this course has provided Canada’s leading update and overview on environmental compliance for both seasoned environmental professionals and those new to environmental responsibilities.

Course Chairs
Guest Speakers
  • Gord Reusing, Principal, GHD
  • Melissa Annett, Strategic Director Manufacturing and Senior Project Manager, RWDI
  • George Jaikaran, Environmental Analyst, RWDI
  • Julia Schatz, Partner, Bennett Jones LLP

April 26 – Course begins 9 AM

Introduction to environmental law
  • What is environmental law (and why do I care)?
  • Sources of environmental law
  • Important terms and concepts
  • Due diligence
  • Understanding and managing compliance

Spills, discharges and environmental incidents
  • What is and is not a spill
  • Federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulators
  • Prevention, reporting and mitigation
  • Practical case studies and tips to manage liability

Regulation of air, odour, noise and GHG emissions in Ontario
  • ECAs / EASRs
  • Air Regulation 419/05
  • Noise and vibration
  • GHG developments in Ontario

Key issues relating to waste, soil and water
  • Developments in excess soil management/use
  • Practical case studies and tips for compliance and managing liabilities, as well as opportunities
  • Key issues and case studies for water approvals/municipal requirements

Extended producer responsibility and what it means to business
  • The circular economy model
  • Circular economy and producer responsibility: What is the connection?
  • Extended producer responsibility: What does it look like?
  • Cross Canada checkup: How will it impact you?
  • Reports, audits, penalties/interest for non-compliance
  • Case study: Year over year rate / cost changes
  • What’s coming next

Managing environmental liability
  • Due diligence revisited
  • Practical case studies: What to do if an incident occurs
  • Training, procedures, government/public relations, legal advice

Enforcement of environmental laws

  • Recent trends: What you need to know to stay out of trouble
  • Updates regarding charges, fines, administrative penalties and orders
  • Key issues regarding director and officer personal liability
  • Managing enforcement actions (orders, charges)

Hot topics
  • Me, personally liable?
  • What is control and why is it important?
  • And more!

Question and answer period

Course ends 4:30 PM

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