2A – Climate Change Effects on Management Systems – Aspects, Impacts, Risks and Opportunities

Preliminary Course Agenda

May 13, 2020
Course Description

This popular CANECT course is led by environmental management expert, Randy Sinukoff, of Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Course Chair

Randy Sinukoff, Senior Associate, Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Guest Speakers

To be announced

Course begins 9 AM

Welcome and introduction

Climate changes everything
  • Climate changes everything
    • Climate crisis already affecting everything
    • Much more ahead
    • We need to reduce our climate pollution and get ready for what’s coming
  • What our governments are doing
    • Federal
    • Provincial
    • Municipal
  • What we can all do

Management system focus
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • ISO Environmental Standards
  • Aspects, impacts, risks and opportunities
  • Interested parties
  • Financial impacts
  • Introduction to ISO 14090 – Adaptation to Climate Change
    • Direct and indirect impacts
    • Risks, mitigation, adaptation, resiliency

 Organizational re-evaluation – A case study

Science focus: How to mesh technical and management approaches
  • Background
  • Climate risk assessment processes
  • Data gathering and measurement tools
  • Using facts for decision-making
  • Performance indicators
  • How information shapes management approaches

Modeling and tools for quantifying risk

Effects on interested parties – A case study

Effects on infrastructure and development – A case study

Effects on manufacturing – A case study

Effects on people and the environment – Management system benefits
  • Working for the benefit of personnel and the organization
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Ongoing engagement of interested parties
  • Action plans for continual improvement and environmental protection

Course ends 5 PM

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