2A – Management Systems 2022 – Aspects, Impacts, Risks and Opportunities

April 27 – Course Agenda

Course Description

This popular CANECT course led by environmental management expert Randy Sinukoff of Stantec Consulting Ltd., investigates the environmental aspects, impacts, risks and opportunities associated with making an EMS more resilient.

Attend this course to learn how these strategies can help you and your organization save time and money while increasing effectiveness.

Course Chair

Randy Sinukoff, Senior Associate, Stantec Consulting Ltd.

  • Alex Gill, Executive Director, Ontario Environment Industry Association
  • Norman Shippee, Senior Climatologist, Stantec Consulting Ltd.
  • Joanne Badley, Director, Environmental and Health & Safety, QuadReal Property Group
  • Daniele Magditsch, Manager, Sustainability, QuadReal Property Group
  • Anshul Saxena, Senior Product Manager, Intelex HQ
  • Glenn Milner, Engineering and Climate Risk Lead, Climate Risk Institute
  • Kirsten MacMillan, Climate and Engineering Analyst, Climate Risk Institute
  • Lloyd Hipel, Project Director, Enviro-Stewards
  • Quentin Chiotti, Practice Lead, Climate Risk and Resilience, Matrix Solutions Inc.

April 27 – Course begins 9 AM

Welcome and introduction

Enterprise Risk Management 2022

Refocusing and re-adjusting business priorities:

  • The rise of populism and the anti-science movement
  • The role of social media
  • The decline of collaborative policymaking by governments and the costs that imposes on business
  • The climate change fight is moving into a more practical phase
  • The diversion of resources away from traditional environmental protection

Speaker: Alex Gill, Executive Director, Ontario Environment Industry Association

  • Business risk and perspective
  • Interested parties
  • Financial impacts
  • ISO Standards
  • Organizational re-evaluation

Speaker: Randy Sinukoff, Stantec Consulting Ltd.

 Science Focus – How to mesh technical and management approaches
  • Background
  • ISO 14090 – Adaptation to Climate Change
    • Direct and indirect impacts
    • Risks, mitigation, adaptation, resiliency
  • Climate risk assessment processes
  • Data gathering and measurement tools
  • Using facts for decision-making
  • Performance indicators
  • How information shapes management approaches

Speaker: Norm Shippee, Climatologist, Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Health & Safety Risk Management – Impacts and opportunities from the pandemic
  • Environmental Health and Safety: Impacts on building occupant health (pandemic response plans, IAQ, healthy amenities, increased outdoor air, Legionella)
  • Building Operations: Impacts to energy consumption and building operations (changes to building maintenance and HVAC schedules, energy, water and waste resources)

Speakers: Joanne Badley and Daniele Magditsch, QuadReal Property Group

IT and Communications Risk Management
  • Adopting more cybersecurity-focused third-party cloud services for EHS systems
  • Introducing more stringent access management tools to meet data security threats
  • Setting-up local data centers for self-hosted/private cloud hosting of EHS systems

Speaker: Anshul Saxena, Senior Product Manager, Intelex HQ

Quantifying Risk: Risk and Return on Investment Tool
  • Identify and assess flood risk areas and quantify economic impacts
  • Evaluate flood risk reduction through management options
  • Calculate return on investment associated with management options

Speakers: Glenn Milner and Kirsten MacMillan, Climate Risk Institute

Effects on Manufacturing
  • Case studies:
    • Water conservation & blue roofs (offloading infrastructure)
    • Food loss prevention (supply chain footprints)
    • Energy conservation, renewables and carbon neutrality
    • Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) carbon offsets

Speaker: Lloyd Hipel, Project Director, Enviro-Stewards

Effects on Infrastructure and Development:
  • Findings available through the PIEVC climate risk assessment report analysis utility data portal (Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction and the Climate Risk Institute)
  • Recent case studies of adaptation practices (Canadian Centre for Climate Services)
  • Climate risk and asset lifecycle management (Ontario)
  • Climate risk in design and construction of new infrastructure (Transportation)
  • Role of natural infrastructure in flood mitigation
  • Municipal best practice for environmental management (City of Toronto)
  • Environmental management practices and the emergence of cost modelling

Speaker: Quentin Chiotti, Practice Lead, Climate Risk and Resilience, Matrix Solutions Inc.

 Effects on People and the Environment : Management system benefits
  • Working for the benefit of personnel and the organization
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Ongoing engagement of interested parties
  • Action plans for continual improvement and environmental protection

Speaker: Randy Sinukoff, Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Question and answer period

Course ends 4:30 PM

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