3A – Environmental Management Systems: New Developments in Voluntary Management Systems

Course Description

As with safety committees under the Internal Responsibility System, the establishment of formal Environmental and Safety Management Systems is fast becoming a legal requirement. To encourage this trend governments now employ a variety of incentives to encourage companies to voluntarily adopt a formal management system.

Attend this course to find out more about how a formal EMS can benefit your organization, its employees and surrounding communities.

Course Chair

Randy Sinukoff, Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Guest Speakers

John Stolys, representing General Motors | Dean Swift, Micrylium Professional Choice | Eric Meliton, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority | Bronwynne Wilton, Wilton Consulting Group

Course begins 9 AM

Interested Parties
  • The Organization
  • The Supply Chain
  • The Government
  • The User
  • The Environment

Randy Sinukoff, Stantec Consulting

Management Systems and Due Diligence
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Risk Tolerance and Interested Parties
  • Management Systems as the Minimum Standard
  • Case Study Scenarios
    • Audit for business acquisition
    • Exceeding legal requirements
    • Sustainable operations

Randy Sinukoff, Stantec Consulting

Incentives for Management System Implementation
  • Regulatory Compliance Perspective (Inspection/Enforcement)
  • Monetary Incentive Perspective (Grants for Upgrading)
  • Leadership Perspective (Competitive Advantage)

John Stolys, representing General Motors

Focus: Ontario’s New Voluntary OHS Management System Accreditation and Recognition Program
  • Employer accreditation
  • Employer recognition
  • Financial and other incentives and benefits
  • How this program aligns with the new ISO 45001 Safety Management Systems

Randy Sinukoff, Stantec Consulting

Collaborating with the Supply Chain
  • Implementing common management systems
  • How to manage products vs. services
  • Working for mutual benefit and reduced footprint/cost
  • Extending control and influence (systems for collaboration)

Dean Swift, Micrylium Professional Choice and Bronwynne Wilton, Wilton Consulting Group

User Goals: Seeking Value of Products and Services
  • Organizations reducing cost and improving service
  • Accountability of organizations (real and perceived)
  • Using third party verifications/audits to confirm performance

Eric Meliton, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

What Does Sustainability Mean to You?
  • Applying ISO standards
  • Protecting the Earth
  • Efficient processes and reducing footprints
  • Planning efficient infrastructure
  • Constructive engagement of interested parties

Randy Sinukoff, Stantec Consulting

Tying It All Together
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Next steps: formulating an action plan for systematic continual improvement, stakeholder engagement and environmental protection

Randy Sinukoff, Stantec Consulting

Course ends 4:15 PM

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