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3A – Water & Wastewater Regulation and Compliance 2024

 April 25 Course Agenda  — Taking place in-person

Course Description

Join us for an interactive session that will walk participants through a case study designed to outline the regulatory framework around managing and troubleshooting common water and wastewater issues. The session will focus on the application of information presented by subject matter experts to the fictional scenario of obtaining approvals and responding to an effluent exceedance from an industrial operation, including managing environmental liability.

The session will explore public participation tools, Indigenous engagement, and consideration of the impact of new development proposals on operations.

Attendees will take away valuable lessons for the practical application in identifying, managing and mitigating water-related environmental compliance risks in their workplace.

Course Chair
Guest speakers
  • Bryan Buttigieg, Partner, Miller Thomson LLP
  • Serena Maki, Environmental Specialist/Training Coordinator, Blue Heron Environmental
  • Cameron Ogilvie, Environmental Technologist/Environmental Permitting and Compliance Specialist, Blue Heron Environmental

April 25 – Course begins 9 AM

Water & wastewater regulatory framework in Ontario

Overview of the legislation governing water and wastewater in Ontario

Water and wastewater approvals

Participants will be provided with an overview of municipal and provincial water approvals.

Water and Wastewater Approvals – Case Study
  • Round table discussion
  • Putting the puzzle back together – How to navigate and organize regulatory requirements

Water violations and reporting

Participants will review requirements for reporting violations.

Water violations and reporting: Case Study

Round table discussion

Environmental inspections and investigations

Participants will learn about their rights and responsibilities during an environmental enforcement investigation, and the difference between an inspection and an investigation.

Environmental inspections and investigations: Case study

Round table discussion

Environmental enforcement tools

Participants will learn how a company and an individual could face penalties in the event of non-compliance to Environmental Regulations in Ontario, and what form the penalty could take. An overview of environmental enforcement tools utilized by the federal agencies will also be covered

Environmental enforcement: Case Study

Round table discussion

Environmental Liability: What is it and how best to minimize the risk

Participants will learn to distinguish the different forms of environmental liability and available techniques and tools to identify and manage the risk. Topics will cover contracts, negligence and regulatory liability, both personal and corporate and key considerations that should be put in place at the start of and throughout a project rather than just when a problem arises.

Closing remarks and question & answer period

Course ends 4:30 PM

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