3B – The Evolving Landscape of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

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April 25
Course Description

Extended producer responsibility (EPR) in Canada has undergone rapid changes in the last few years. Join us to hear first-hand from the regulators, agencies, producers, and lawyers about the recent EPR program changes across Canada, the impact to producers, how it ties into your corporate initiatives, and what the future of EPR has in store for brand owners, distributors, and retailers.

Course Co-Chairs
  • Melissa Annett, Technical Manager Climate to Sustainability, Senior Project Manager, Principal, RWDI
  • George Jaikaran, CPA, CMA, Team Leader Stewardship & GHG, Senior Green Accountant, Associate, RWDI
Guest Speakers
  • Sarah Gilbert, Partner, Bennett Jones LLP
  • Pam Castillo, Deputy Registrar, Manager, Compliance and Service Delivery, Resource Productivity & Recovery Authority
  • Catherine McVitty, Unilever
  • Additional speakers to be announced

April 25 – Course begins 9 AM

EPR at a Glance
  • EPR today, an introduction
    • Speaker: George Jaikaran, RWDI
  • Blue Box Programs across the country

Changing Face of EPR in Canada
  • The evolution of the PRO in EPR
    • Speaker: TBA
  • EPR and the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority’s (RPRA) compliance approach
    • Speaker: Pam Castillo, Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority
  • Alberta’s transition into packaging
    • Speaker: TBA

Market Trends in EPR
  •   A Producer’s Perspective on EPR in Canada: Challenges and Opportunities
    • Speaker: Catherine McVitty, Unilever
  • EPR Compliance Drivers
    • Speaker: Sarah Gilbert, Bennett Jones LLP

Panel Discussion
  • Moderator led discussion expert speakers from Unilever, RPRA, Bennett Jones, and others.

Course ends 4:30 PM

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