3A-Environmental management systems: Practical tools and strategies to save money and increase efficiencies

Randy Sinukoff

2017 Course Chair: Randy Sinukoff, Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Randy Sinukoff, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., EP, EP (EMSLA), EP (CEA), is a Senior Environmental Consultant for Stantec Consulting Ltd. in Markham, Ontario. Randy specializes in environmental management, due diligence and auditing, sustainability, environmental site assessments and remediation, and hazard and risk evaluation. He is an Environmental Professional, a Designated Consulting Engineer, and has been the project manager or senior technical reviewer for over 5,000 environmental projects. Click here for full bio.

2017 Guest Speakers

Jonathan Brun, CEO, Nimonik | Matthew MacNeil, BSI Canada | John Stolys, EMS Integration, representing General Motors | Karen Quon, Intelex | Shirley Segev, greenmark Environmental Consulting

2017 Course Description

Practical tools and strategies to improve, upgrade and streamline your environmental management system. An essential course highlighting proven strategies developed by experienced environmental managers to help you maximize your investment in environmental management – developed, devised and chaired by: Randy Sinukoff, Stantec Consulting Ltd.

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Morning agenda: Begins at 9:30 AM
Management System Standards in a changing landscape
Randy Sinukoff, Stantec Consulting Ltd.

  • ISO 14001: 2015 and new 14000 series components
  • ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems
  • ISO 45001 Health & Safety Management Systems

Improving performance through efficient management of risks, costs and opportunities
Shirley Segev, greenmark Environmental Consulting

  • Measuring baselines
  • Measuring risks and costs
  • Measuring opportunities and performance
  • Benchmarking best practices
  • Using your networks: Gathering and using ideas from facilities/ practitioners/ industries

Increasing efficiencies by integrating other elements of management systems
John Stolys, representing General Motors

  • Combining environmental with health & safety (and other) management systems, etc.
  • Is this practical?
  • Identifying and quantifying the savings

Saving money by ‘smart-auditing’ the EMS (part 1)

  • The new  Z773 Environmental Compliance Auditing standard
  • New emphases/requirements/ tools/ efficiencies
  • ‘Smart-auditing’ the EMS
  • Choosing internal/external auditors
  • Building on the expertise and experience of audit teams

12:00 – 2:00 p.m. LUNCH
Saving money by ‘smart-auditing’ the EMS (part 2)

  • Case histories* illustrating how specialized audits can be put to work to save money, e.g.:
    • ‘Smart-buildings’
    • Supply chain strategies
    • Waste audits and diversion
    • Carbon audits and credits
    • Water and wastewater auditing and savings

Applying new technologies and programs to increase the performance and efficiency of your EMS
Jonathan Brun, Nimonik and Karen Quon, Intelex

  • A review of EMS applications to measure and document aspects of environmental performance
  • Costs and benefits:
    • ‘Off-the-shelf’ v. customized systems
    • In-house v. purchased services
  • Apps to increase auditing efficiencies

Reducing costs by maximizing the efficiency of your registration effort
Matthew MacNeil, BSI Canada

  • A registrar provides insightful hints and tips on streamlining your management system registration processes

Tying it all together
Randy Sinukoff, Stantec Consulting Ltd.

  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Next steps: formulating an action plan
  • Continuous improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of your management system

Finishes at 4:30 p.m.

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