Julia E. Schatz

Bennett Jones LLP

    Speaker: Environmental Regulation & Compliance Essentials

    Julia Schatz, Partner, Bennett Jones LLP, has broad experience in a wide variety of commercial litigation and arbitration matters including litigation related to the agribusiness sector, environmental disputes, contractual interpretations, pesticide data compensation negotiations and arbitrations, construction and real estate disputes and class actions. She has appeared before all levels of court and various administrative tribunals as well as in arbitration proceedings.

    Julia also advises on a broad range of regulatory matters in the agribusiness and food industries, including in relation to the registration, recall and compliance requirements in the Safe Food for Canadians Act, the Pest Control Products Act and the regulations under each. In addition, she provides company and product regulatory and due diligence support to her corporate colleagues on commercial transactions, including in the food, agribusiness and pet food spheres.


    Julia has particular expertise in environmental litigation. She has acted as lead counsel on behalf of owners, previous owners, neighbours and environmental consultants in contract, nuisance, trespass, strict liability, s. 99 EPA and negligence claims related to contaminated sites and has advised clients on issues arising in relation to renewable projects. She has assisted clients in responding to claims related to PFAS contamination, including in respect of fire fighting foams.

    Pesticides, Food and Agribusiness

    Julia has specific expertise in pesticide registration and regulation, having advised pesticide manufacturers and distributors, about the federal and provincial legislation and regulations governing the registration and sale of pesticide products in Canada with the Pest Management Regulatory Agency, compliance matters, licencing and permit obligations and data compensation issues. Julia has also helped draft data compensation, supply, distribution, settlement, formulating, repackaging and other agreements for clients, and has assisted with final offer arbitrations on behalf of companies under the PPIP regime. Julia has also assisted clients with what constitutes a normal farm practice under the Farming and Food Production Protection Act.

    In addition, she has experience advising clients on the registration and licence/permit requirements for food, animal feed and fertilizers, along with compliance obligations under the Safe Food for Canadians Act with respect to all points along the food supply chain.

    Real Estate Litigation

    Julia’s real estate-related litigation expertise extends to advising and litigating disputes regarding the escheat of forfeited property to the federal or provincial Crown, contaminated property claims, easements, restrictive covenants, cautions and certificates of pending litigation, ground rent arbitrations, issues arising in relation to agreements of purchase and sale and land transfer tax appeals. In addition, she has assisted both landlords and tenants in leasing disputes.


    Julia has strong experience in construction project disputes under CCDC 2 contracts and other contractual arrangements, including P3 arrangements. She advises owners, developers, project managers, contractors and subcontractors regarding their rights and obligations on deficiency, delay, project management and cost over-run claims, including with respect to condominium developments, and under the Construction Act.


    Julia is a member of the Advocates’ Society. She is a member of the American Agricultural Law Association and Women in Agribusiness. Julia is also a member of Toronto CREW (Canadian Real Estate Women), and a member of the American Bar Association. She was a long-standing executive member of the Ontario Bar Association’s Environmental Law Section. A regular contributor to the Ontario Bar Association’s Environews newsletter, Julia frequently speaks at professional conferences on a variety of topics, including environmental litigation.

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