Melissa Annett


    Course Chair: The Evolving Landscape of Extended Producer Responsibility

    Melissa Annett, Technical Manager Climate to Sustainability, Senior Project Manager, Principal, RWDI

    Melissa brings 20+ years of diverse experience to her leadership role in RWDI’s Climate to Sustainability practice, with a strong focus on project management of environmental matters, sustainability, and extended producer responsibility. Clients turn to her for expert insight on both technical and process issues as they navigate the ever-changing complex regulatory framework. With a strong focus on both quality and efficiency, Melissa manages RWDI’s in-house teams as they deliver results to clients for a range of environmental applications, including stewardship, sustainability, air quality, odour, dust, light, noise, vibration, waste, and water issues. Her experience ranges from assessments to sample collection, measurement, monitoring and modelling in support of regulatory compliance issues facing her clients.Connect with Melissa.