Sandra Brunet

Former Associate Director, Business Performance and Environmental Sustainability, City of Barrie (retired)

    Speaker: Operational Compliance: How to Navigate Environmental Obligations and Commitments


    Sandra Brunet has over 30 years of municipal experience, during which she gained extensive knowledge and expertise in strategically managing municipal operational functions. Her primary focus in her various roles was proactively preventing corporate non-compliance in wastewater, drinking water, and solid waste operations.

    Starting her career with the City of Barrie, Sandra ensured compliant industrial waste discharges by paying close attention to process details. She also engaged in negotiations with industrial waste stakeholders to foster positive relationships with local businesses.

    She further honed her skills as a Water Customer Services Inspector and Water Distribution Operator, balancing the needs of developers with the requirements for a safe drinking water system.

    Sandra became the Manager of the first Water Operations Branch, where she oversaw the entire drinking water system operation and implemented a system-specific Drinking Water Quality Management System. Her strategic mindset led to sustainable system improvements, including a new water treatment plant, Automated Meter Reading System, and Work Order Management System.

    In her role as Manager of Environmental Operations, Sandra was responsible for waste collection services and landfill operations. She used Lean Six Sigma tools to align processes with legislation changes, resulting in increased diversion rates and better customer service.

    In her final role as Associate Director, Business Performance and Environmental Sustainability, Sandra developed and implemented environmental sustainability strategies, emphasizing risk management and compliance. Her teams delivered programs like Continuous Improvement, Circular Economy, and Environmental Obligations.

    Throughout her career, Sandra instilled a systems-thinking mindset among her staff. She holds a science degree from McMaster University and numerous certifications in municipal operational areas, along with an MBA from the Schulich School of Business.

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