Sean Capstick

Golder Associates Ltd.

    Course Chair: Navigating the Federal and Provincial EA and Permitting Processes: A Guide to the New Rules

    Sean Capstick, P.Eng. is a Principal with over 25 years of environmental compliance experience with a unique combination of consulting and government experience.  As a result, Sean is recognized as a leading expert in the area of permitting and climate change and is familiar with all of Canada’s Environmental Legislation. He is sought after by the consulting industry, municipalities and legal firms for guidance and practical solutions in regulatory and technical matters related to the environmental permitting process. Sean brings significant insight into how to develop technical supporting information for the Impact Assessment and Permitting process as efficiently as possible. He is Golder’s Global Climate Change Technical Community Leader an internal knowledge-sharing initiative to promote the use of the latest climate change science and develop Best Practices to consider both the potential effects of the project on climate change, and the effects of climate change on a project. He was recently named to be a member of the External Advisory Panel on Climate Services for the Canadian Centre for Climate Services’ (CCCS) who’s mandate is the distribute climate data for developing Adaptation Plans.